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A Bit About Us

  • Our Mission

  • We commit to satisfy our customers by providing best quality and service to the highest standards, which gives highest value for money.

  • We believe that employees are our most important asset through which we can reach the top in our business. Therefore, we will emphasis on their continuous improvement

    through upgrading relevant knowledge, training & wellbeing.

  • Our Vision

  • Customer is the center of our Business and hence every step of our Business should be designed to delight the Customer.

  • Employees are the ones who are going to make the above happen, focus on getting the best talent in the Business and nurture and grow them.

  • To bring the Variety and Value for Money of the Main Shopping Districts like T.Nagar to the Ambattur area.

  • Our history

  • Kaveri Textiles is one of the leading Textile & Jewellery Retail Stores in the Chennai Sub-urban Area. It is situated in the heart of Ambattur. Kaveri Textiles is established by Mohamed Ali, A professional Businessman with decades of experience in the Textile field.

  • Mr. Mohamed Ali was born in S.Tharakudi village in Ramanathapuram district.

  • He started his Venture in 1989 as small retail shop with his brothers Nasir, Jamal Mohamed, Zahir Hussain and Samsu Meeran.

  • His constant endeavours have made it possible to expand Kaveri Textiles & Ready-mades into a Megastore.

  • As a part of the expansion Kaveri Gold House was founded in 2009.

  • From then on we have seen a growing Business due to our commitment to add value to our customers and the resultant patronage shown by our loyal customers.

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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.


No: 13/14 Secretariat Colony, Venkatapuram, Ambattur, Ambattur, India, Tamil Nadu


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A Bit About Us

Behind the Scenes

At Kaveri Textiles- Readymades -Gold House, we take the art of shopping very seriously and strive to make your experience as fun and efficient as possible. We opened our store for those who are always on the lookout for that perfect product: affordable, lasting and beautiful.

All merchandise is sourced by our professional buyers, who have years of experience in finding great products at unbeatable prices. Our team members are committed to assisting you in finding the items you’re looking for and are there for your every need. Come in for a visit today!

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